General Information:

Attendance at college and clinical area

Regular attendance at classes is a requirement of the college .In case of illness or any unavoidable cause, the student may be granted leave on application. Any day of absence without prior permission will be counted as three days loss and will have to be compensated, before the end of the course.

Students in the college are not granted leave for social events in the family or to remain in their homes to nurse sick family members.

Attendance at the clinical practice is compulsory .It is the firm policy of the college that all absence during practices should be compensated to get 100 % attendance which is a university requirements.

The absenteeism must be explained in a letter to the principal, collage of nursing.

Health services

On admission, the students undergo a physical examination. An annual medical examination is also conducted. Students are immunize against infected disease whenever necessary.

If illness occurs their course they are cared for in the hospital. The students will have to pay for their inpatient and outpatient bills. The candidates must inform us early about any long-term illness on admission.

Uniform and Dressing Code

Students are expected to wear the prescribed full uniform during their clinical experience .

In uniform, students are not permitted to wear any form of jewelry, nail polish except small earrings. Hair must be tidy and put up neatly.

Students are expected to dress modestly to the classes in the college. Full saree, salwar kameez or chudidhar are the permitted dresses.

Academic and clinical evaluation

All students are expected to maintain a high academic and clinical performance throughout the programme. The college holds written examinations reviews clinical performance from time to time on a regular basis. Consistent standards of excellence are expected al all times, as nursing is a health profession where optimum skills and knowledge are needed at all times for the care of patient. Poor performance will result in detention and delay in promotion to the next academic year.

Social activities

With emphasis on the total development of the individual, students are encouraged to participate fully in social and community affairs every year through national service scheme and youth Red Cross activities.

Student discipline

Rules and regulations in relation to students discipline are in force to effectively maintain discipline among students. All applicants have to kindly note that ragging in any form is considered a serious offence and will be dealt accordingly. To ensure discipline every student and parent has to sign an undertaking letter with the college authorities at the time of admission. Ragging or any form of indiscipline can invite disciplinary actions from the management including dismissal.


Vacations are planned according to the programme of study and completion of their requirement to each year of study. All students are expected to avail these days. If the students are unable to return on time after vacation due to illness, the principal should be intimated, followed by a leave application along with the medical certificate.

Voluntary withdrawal and transfer by Dr.M.G.R. Medical University order

Any students who would like to withdraw from the course should do it before 15th September, Any student who with draw any time after 15th September are required to pay full tuition fees and special fees for the whole course.

Visiting and shopping

All Saturdays and Sundays are visiting days provided they have no classes or duty. Visiting time is from 9 am to 6.30 pm on visiting days

1st year students are allowed to go shopping only with their parents and other students can go along with their friends on Saturdays alone.


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