The philosophy of Nehru Nursing College is consistent with the goals and philosophy of Marian educational trust.

The faculty and students of Nehru nursing college accepts and abides the following philosophy.

We believe that nursing is an integral part of the health care delivery system and works collaboratively with other allied professions for the prevention of disease, the promotion, restoration and maintenance of optimum health for individuals and families in hospital and community setting.

We believe that appropriate behavioural changes take place in students in order to felicitate their development, which will assist them to live personally satisfying and socially useful lives.

We recognize that nursing programme provides opportunity for the development of specialized knowledge, skill and desirable attitudes relevant to nursing and basic to the professional duties to be performed.

We believe that nursing programme affords practice in independent decision making, systematic approach for solving patients health care problems, prepares the nurse to engage in the primary, acute and long term care of patients of all ages in a variety of settings, stimulates the desires to augment knowledge, skill and interest through continue education and paves the way for students to become self-directive and a responsible nurse.

We believe that nursing programme prepares the students to meet the health and changing needs of the people in a society.

We accept and maintain the ethical values of the people while providing care.

We believe that the professional nurse contributes to nursing research, work towards the continued improvement and growth of nursing profession and also to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

We believe that nursing program prepares the students for providing care with scientific knowledge, which will improve the quality of nursing care and standard of nursing profession.


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